Frequently asked questions

What is MyChoice MD?

MyChoice MD is the online place for people to go to compare doctors, see prices in advance, and book an appointment for routine medical care. Providers list their services and tell us the price for them (usually at significant discounts from what you would pay through an insurance company). You get to see these prices and choose the doctor that is right for you.

Who can use MyChoice MD?
MyChoice MD is available to anyone paying out-of-pocket and looking to save money on healthcare.
I don’t have health insurance. Is MyChoiceMD insurance?
MyChoice MD is not health insurance. Creating a MyChoiceMD account will not satisfy the IRS regulations that require individuals to be covered.  However, regardless of taxes and penalties from the IRS, YOU CAN STILL GET HEALTHCARE! Insurance is only one way to pay for healthcare, but it is not the only one and if you don’t have health insurance, you are not alone.  MyChoiceMD allows you to find, compare, and purchase medical services from the top providers in your area. Even if you are uninsured, there is absolutely nothing that prevents you from getting the medical care you need and deserve.
I like saving money, but I have insurance. Can you help?

There are some plans (HMOs for example) that will pay for your healthcare and ask you to pay only a part of the cost of care when you receive a service. MyChoiceMD is not a good fit for these plans.


However, if you have a High-Deductible Health Plan (HDHP) or a Health Savings Account (HSA), then we are the perfect fit for your insurance. If you have one of these plans, it means that you are paying $1300 or more out of your own pocket for healthcare every year before the insurance company pays a single penny.  That means it’s your money. With MyChoice MD, you have choice on where you get your care and how much you spend. 
How does my health insurance work with MyChoiceMD?

If you have insurance and go to the doctor, the amount you pay is negotiated by the insurance company; you have no say in the amount. If you have a co-pay or coinsurance, then you are on-the-hook for whatever amount they arranged.

However, if you have a high-deducible plan and you are spending your money before the insurance company starts to pay anything, you want more say in what your care costs.

MyChoiceMD puts you in charge. But, in order to do that, we do NOT coordinate spending or reimbursement through any insurance company. By eliminating this complexity, it allows providers on MyChoiceMD to list their services at significant discounts.

But how do I get ‘credit’ toward my deductible?

Your insurance plan has specific terms and conditions that vary by each insurer, so we can’t give a simple answer.

You may be able to apply MyChoice MD procedure purchases to your deductible. Eligibility is determined by your insurance company and depends on your plan.

Under nearly all insurance plans with high-deductibles, you are free to submit a claim for consideration to your insurance company. If you are under your deductible, they will not reimburse for your MyChoiceMD purchase. However, since it is a legitimate out-of-pocket expenditure, many insurers will credit what you spend toward that amount if you submit a claim.

We cannot predict or guarantee the response of your insurance company or that they will acknowledge what you spend. Any dispute or issue you have with them would be governed by the terms of your coverage. Some MyChoiceMD customers have told us that they would not even bother reporting any care they received through MyChoiceMD unless they had other medical needs that would take them above their deductible.

Since the average amount spent per person is around $400/year, most people never even come close to spending enough to exceed the deductible on many high-deductible plans.

What is a Deductible?

Unfortunately, healthcare insurance can be REALLY CONFUSING.  Here’s a quick set of answers:

  • Deductibles work just like your auto insurance. They are the amount you must pay before your insurance pays for anything.
  • Co-Pays are fixed dollar amounts that cover part of the cost of your medical service. You pay your fixed dollar amount, and the insurance pays the rest of the cost of your service. A co-pay might be an amount like $25
  • Coinsurance is like a co-pay but it is not a fixed amount. It’s a percentage of the cost of the service.  Coinsurance might be something like 50%. This means you pay half of the cost of the service and insurance pays the other half.
I think I get it, so when I purchase a service, what happens?

It’s really simple. During your checkout, you will create a free account with us. That helps us communicate with you about appointments, and to send you details about your service.

Once you have completed payment, you have now locked in a great price. The provider you chose know you are on your way. When you are checking out, you indicate your preferred appointment time. However, your appointment time is NOT confirmed until you get a specific confirmation from MyChoiceMD or the provider directly about the schedule. Now that you purchase is complete, you get a redemption code that acts like your receipt. We will email you more specific details when you purchase a service, but basically you just need to bring your mobile device to your appointment and when you arrive you click on an easy link in your email receipt. Once you’ve redeemed your code….YOU’RE DONE!  No paperwork, no hassles, no bills.

To make your purchase online, follow the steps below.

  1. Click the Learn More button to review and select a provider.
  2. Select Add to Cart.
  3. Choose to continue shopping or check out.
  4. Log into an existing account, create a new account, or check out as a guest. (*Note: Your MDsave account maintains a record of your purchases made while logged in so you can access them at any time for accounting or insurance purposes.)
  5. Pay for your purchase with a credit card, FSA card, or PayPal.

After your purchase:

  1. Check your email for your order details and prepaid voucher.
  2. Schedule your appointment: Some providers offer online scheduling, otherwise your chosen provider’s office will contact you to make your appointment.
  3. Take your voucher with you to your appointment.
I got my care, can MyChoiceMD help me submit a claim?

First, congratulations on taking charge of your medical care.

We cannot submit the claim for you, but we will help you through the process. Call us at 844-425-3663 or email us at to get the process started.

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